ZBNF Package of Practices – Ground nut

Groundnut is a major crop in the rainfed areas. Usage of ZBNF practices ensures a healthy ground nut crop which requires lesser water for its growth. The following are the package of practices using ZBNF to be followed for groundnut.

ZBNF Groundnut PoP – 1- Seed Treatment with Beejamrutham

ZBNF Groundnut PoP – 2- Land Preparation & Navadhanya Sowing

ZBNF Groundnut PoP – 3 -Neemaastram,Pheromonetraps&Yellowplates

ZBNF Groundnut PoP -4- Dravajeevamrutham Preparation & Application

ZBNF Groundnut PoP 5- Sucking Pest Control With Vaavilaaku Kashayam

ZBNF Groundnut PoP 6 – Leaf Spot Control with Sour Butter Milk

ZBNF Groundnut PoP 7- Spodoptera and Helicoverpa Control with Bramastram

ZBNF Groundnut PoP 8- Leaf Folder Control with Bramastram

3 Replies to “ZBNF Package of Practices – Ground nut”

  1. very good material develop, and really developed pops will adopt by other farmers. but
    methodology , how to apply and , preparation of solution require in different languages or minimum two languages i.e. in Hindi and English
    which will easy understood by other state people
    we in ZBNF for POPs for Groundnut and cotton crop
    pls send English material

  2. very good material develop for farmers and other institution , so instated of one language pls also convert in Hindi and English which will more adoptable and familier language for all
    for us ( Baif-Singhach) Jamnagar Gujrat .
    we mostly grow groundnut and cotton crop
    so pls send material on above language ,

  3. Good initiation by AP govt.
    excepting the same for other corp s and guidance required from agriculture team to the former it could be very help full to them..

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