Application for Natural Farming to Nutrition Fellow

Natural Farming to Nutrition Fellow (NF2NF)

A Natural Farming to Nutrition Fellow (NF2NF) is a nutrition practitioner working towards nudging the behaviors of the households around their health and hygiene seeking behaviors. They would work in close conjunction with the Natural Farming Fellows on the ZBNF intervention.


A NF2NF should be

i) A graduate or post graduate in Home-science/ Food Technology

ii) Have little or no experience

iii) Should pass out in or after 2010

iv) Should be from a Government or well recognized university

Qualifications for the positions of Natural Farming to Nutrition Fellow:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Home Science, Food Science, Food Preservation, Food Technology or Community Nutrition is mandatory.

2. M.Sc Foods and Nutrition, M.Sc Food Technology, Masters of Public Health or PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietics will be given preference.

Duration: 2 years (extendable by another one year based on the performance)

A. Selection for induction:

Eligible candidates are invited to apply on the portal and are screened basis the requirement.

Immersion: Selected candidates are then sent for immersion in ZBNF villages where they stay in the village/cluster and learn, practice and understand ZBNF and program related activities

Post immersion assessment: The candidates reporting after their immersion are assessed on the basis of their reports, behavioral and personality assessment.

Note: Candidates would be paid a living stipend of Rs.7,500/- during the entire duration of immersion period.

B. Induction:

  1. Induction is for a duration of 6 months.
  2. The inductees are allotted to a cluster outside their home district and she/he has to stay the allotted cluster.
  3. During the induction period of 6 months, they shall improve knowledge and skills in management of health and nutrition interventions integrated into ZBNF practices followed by development of Community Nutri Garden attached with Farmer Nutrition School to impart nutrition counseling.
  4. Preparing iterative/comprehensive plan for implementing the package of interventions planned as part of the Health and amp; Nutrition, customizing it to suits the needs of the cluster.

During this period, the NF2NFs shall become a farmer trainer, and a researcher.The inductee to report for administrative purposes to the DPM and for functional purposes to the SPMU/TSU.

Job details:

  1. The Nutrition Fellow develops a Community Nutri Garden either by taking a land on lease or collaborating with the farmer and thereby demonstrating the scope and change a Nutri Garden can bring about in the consumption pattern of the villages.
  2. She should develop the Nutri Garden model (790 Sq. ft.) and thereby ensuring round the year supply of vegetables to the households within the village.
  3. Shall conduct the Farmer Nutrition School intervention with the support of HN personnel.
  4. They should provide diet counselling to all the households in the village and train them on healthy eating habits.
  5. They should undertake research on the observed changes in health aspects of the village.
  6. Should correspond with the iCRP-HN and CRP in mobilizing people for various sessions being planned as part of HN.
  7. Lead from the front on organizing thematic campaigns in the village.
  8. Shall coordinate with the NFF of the same cluster and the ICRPs for adoption and promotion of ZBNF practices and promotion of its relevance to nutrition.
  9. Responsible for documentation of case studies and consolidation of monthly reports to the state office
  10. They shall attend all the state level trainings and meetings conducted from time to time.

Note: During the induction period the inductees would be paid a monthly stipend of Rs.24,000 inclusive of all costs in the district.

C. Offering of fellowship:

The participants who successfully complete the induction are offered the Natural Farming to Nutrition Fellowship basis a review. The NF2NF shall continue to undertake the following responsibilities. During the fellowship period the fellows would be paid a monthly stipend of Rs.30,000/- inclusive of all costs in the district. Eligible and interested candidates may please apply by filling details below on or before 15 June 2019.
PhD Qualifications
Post Graduation Qualifications
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