Application For Natural Farming Fellowship of Rythu Sadhikara Samstha

Rythu Sadhikara Samstha (RySS), Government of Andhra Pradesh is implementing Zero- Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) Programme covering 5 lakh farmers across all agro climatic zones in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

RySS is offering Natural Farming Fellowship to fresh dynamic young graduates with a passion to work, learn and contribute to our programme by staying in a selected cluster of 5-6 villages.

The Natural Farming Fellow has to

1. Practice zero-budget natural farming on land leased in the cluster, as a role model farmer

2. Develop the cluster as a model ZBNF cluster

3. Work on a selected thematic area

Position: Natural Farming Fellow

Qualification: BSc/MSc in Agriculture, Horticulture, Home-scienes, Botany, Fisheries, Forestry; B. Tech/M.Tech Agriculture Engineering; MSc in any specialisation; MBA in any specialisation

Fellowship period: 2 years, extendable by another year based on performance

A. Selection for induction:

Eligible candidates who apply on the portal are sent for immersion in ZBNF villages where they stay in the village/cluster and learn, practice and understand ZBNF and program related activities

Post immersion assessment: The candidates reporting after their immersion are assessed on the basis of their reports, behavioral and personality assessment.

Note: Candidates would be paid a living stipend of Rs.7,500/- during the entire duration of immersion period.

B. Induction:

Successful candidates after the post immersion assessment are shortlisted for induction.Induction is for a duration of 6- 8 months. The inductee NFFs are allotted to a cluster outside their home native and she/he has to stay in the allotted cluster.

Note: During the induction period the inductee NFFs would be paid a monthly stipend of Rs.24,000 inclusive of all costs in the district.

C. Offering of Fellowship:

The participants who successfully complete the induction are offered the Natural Farming Fellowship. They continue to stay in the cluster allotted undertake their responsibilities as a NFF.

The Natural Farming Fellows would be paid a monthly stipend of Rs.30,000/- inclusive of all costs in the district.

Eligible and interested candidates may please apply by filling details below on or before 30 June.

Post Graduation Qualifications
Graduation Qualifications