Zero Investment Natural Farming is Noble Idea: UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Inaugurating a 6-day workshop on Zero Investment Natural Farming, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the idea of natural farming on zero investment is very noble.

“Agriculture is the biggest contributor in providing employment. If we are able to promote zero investment natural agriculture then it will not only be a revolutionary step for the farmers but also for development of the state,” the Chief Minister said.

The CM wants to link agriculture universities in Uttar Pradesh with the zero investment natural farming technique.

“There are 75 districts and four agriculture universities in the state. We will link the zero investment natural farming with all four agriculture universities. We have either established Agricultural Science Center in every district or are in the process of establishing them. These agriculture science centres will be very helpful for technique and research of zero investment natural farming,” Adityanath said.

Speaking on the ocassion, Padmasree Awardee and pioneer of Natural Farming, Shri Subash Palekar ji mentioned that not only farmers but the entire humanity is facing problem that is man-made and not God-made and we together can resolve it.

(This article is written by Technical Support Unit of Rythu Sadhikara Samstha based on the news article from ANI news agency dated 20 December 2017 on Yahoo News).

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