Pioneering change

Name: Mekala Venkata Subbarao
Location:  A.Gokavaram village, Nachugunta cluster, West Godavari
Land: 16 acres
Crops: Paddy, Coconut, Mango, Sugarcane,  Sapodilla, leafy vegetables, Papaya, Guava, Turmeric, Ginger, Chillies, Coriander.
Net income: More then 6 lakh per annum
Mr.Subbarao was not practising farming initially. He had initially leased out his land on lease. The tenant farmer he leased out to was indiscriminately using pesticides and fertilisers which turned his land dry and soil non-porous. Dismayed of this situation he cancelled the lease agreement.
He underwent a week long training and received more information from community resource persons in his village. After this  he started practising natural farming on his field.
After taking up natural farming as a practice he observed the following changes in his field:
i. Soil: Earthworm number increased along with good porosity of the soil
ii. Inter crop: All year income source for him as he started growing crop combinations of Sugarcane with Chillies, Brinjal, Tomato, Coriander. It helps in year all income to farmer.
iii. Insects /pests control: He is maintaining 12 hens and 5 turkey to help control insects and pests in the field.
iv. Mulching: He uses residue of previous crops
v. Value addition: Coverts sugarcane to jaggery, paddy to rice
vi. Marketing: Consumers come directly to his fields to buy his produce
vii. Cattles: He has his own cattle shed through which he uses cow dung and cow urine in his own fields along with selling the surplus to the villages to create awareness about natural farming.
Champions like Mr.Subbarao helps in pioneering the vision of promoting natural farming to the entire state of Andhra Pradesh

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  1. Hi I am Ganesh and at first, I congratulate the best efforts to the entire team and your contribution towards environment.I myself intersted in agriculture like many other .I would humble request the department to intialize help us with basic kits of ZBNF and handholding for one crop atleast at a fee in order to prove all these works out .And i belong to west Godavari

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