Small is beautiful

Farmer Name: G. Bhaskar Rao

Cluster – Veeraghattam, Srikakulam

Mr.Rao has laid a micro-field behind his house in 0.4 acres of land where he grows tomato.

He uses nylon net along with GA wire to give support to the plants along with pursuing ZBNF practice.


Seeds – Rs. 225

Poles – Rs. 1500

GA wires – Rs.1000

Nylon net – Rs.1200

FYM – Rs.300

Cement bags for planting – Rs.250

Neem oil- Rs. 140

Total expenditure: Rs. 4615

He started the tomato picking since mid November and has been getting a yield of 25 kg/day on an average. Each kgs he sells it for Rs.15/kg leading to a net income of Rs. 29135 till date. The tomato crop has a 90 day picking life and another 60 days picking is expected where he estimates an income of Rs. 6000 bringing his entire seasons profit to Rs.39750.

An output in just 0.4 acres of land is a definite reminder that good things comes in small packages.

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