Teacher -> Farmer -> Teacher

Name: Nakka Damodararao

Village: Chepanapeta

Mandal: Amadalavalasa

District: Srikakulam

Nakka Damodararao retired as a lecturer a few years ago. After his retirement he took up farming. In initial years he practiced chemical based farming in sugarcane which did not yield him the desired results. With the motivation from the community resource persons and the agriculture department he has started practicing Zero Budget Natural Farming in sugarcane. The Crop Cutting Experiments conducted on his field showed that the yield was 160 tones per hectare or 63.99 tons/acre whereas the district yield is only 73 tones per hectare. The sugarcane weighted  399.25 kgs in a plot size of 5 meters * 5 meters.

This is the first season where he has done 100% ZBNF in sugarcane and got a bumper yield.

He has inspired many farmers in his village to convert into ZBNF.

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