Study indicates Beejamrutha as an efficient plant growth stimulant

Treating the seeds with a mix of cow-dung and cow-urine based formulation is one of four important wheels of Zero-Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF). This mix is known as Beejamrutha. The beneficial micro-organisms present in beejamrutha are known to protect the crop from harmful soil-borne and seed-borne pathogens.

Scientific experiments were conducted to find out the beneficial traits of the bacteria that is isolated from Beejamrutha. These experiments were carried out by Institute of Organic Farming, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka. Researchers M. N. Sreenivasa, Nagaraj Naik and S. N. Bhat have published the findings of the experiment in a paper.

Results of the experiment indicate that seeds treated with beejamrutha inoculant have shown significantly higher germination, greater seedling length and stronger seedling vigor than the uninoculated seeds. This indicates beejamrutha as an efficient plant growth stimulant.

Click on the link below to read the paper:

Beejamrutha: A Source for Beneficial Bacteria


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  1. Very nice…. Now a day the people are going to habitat for convection agricultural.. We should have to plan avoid synthetic compound fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators etc….
    It has to be economical viable both in short and long term perspectives..

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