From tenant to tenancity


Name: Jetti Satyarayana

Village: Ameenabad

Mandal: Phirangipuram

District: Guntur
Shri. Jetti Satyarayana is a 65 year old farmer. As a tenant farmer he leased 1 acre of land.  Rather than getting desperate to get higher yield and start using fertilisers and pesticides he chose natural farming methodology on his fields . He took help from CAs and CRPs in his village and practiced the four wheels of ZBNF. He did seed treatment with Cow Ghee and Camphor (Karpooram). He chose to grow chillies a highly sensitive crop to pest attacks. Being firm on his decision to practise only ZBNF his yields he did not deter from his mission and arduously practiced ZBNF.

The chillies outcome for the entire season was  52 quintals. He kept these chillies in cold storage . By the current market rate he would get Rs.8000/quintal leading to a total gross income of Rs.4,14,000. The total investment for the entire season including the cost of cold storage is Rs.1,12,000.

Through his tenacity of sticking to the cause of natural farming he was able to get a net income of Rs. 3,02,000 for the entire season.

We salute such dedicated farmer who go on to help motivate other farmers to the natural way of farming.



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