FAO Symposium 2018 in Rome – Photo Gallery

2nd International Symposium on Agroecology: Scaling Up agroecology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was conducted at  Rome in April 2018.

According to FAO “The second symposium aimed at moving agroecology from dialogue to activities at the regional and country level by providing an opportunity for sharing ideas and experiences, while discussing policies and actions that can support agroecology in achieving the SDGs and accompany the decade  of Family Farming” 

AP ZBNF- RySS was represented on this platform by Advisor and Vice Chairman (Agriculture and Co-operation) Andhra Pradesh and Rythu Sadhikara Samastha Shri T. Vijay Kumar. He was invited for a participatory  debate on innovation on agro-ecology and as a panel on policy issues and instruments for agro-ecology.

During these sessions he shared his experience on the work being done in Andhra Pradesh where agro-ecological methods forms the core function. Considering convention chemical farming as dumb farming he advocated how agro-ecological based farming is smart farming.

Details of the event can be seen in the link below

Webcast of FAO Symposium 2018, Rome

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