ZBNF Package of practices – Paddy

Rice is a staple food of Andhra Pradesh. Paddy cultivation thus is of utmost importance. The following are the Package of Practices (PoP) to be followed for paddy using the Zero Budget Natural Farming techniques.

ZBNF Paddy PoP 1- Seed Treatment with Beejamrutham​


​ZBNF Paddy PoP 2 – Paddy Nursery Preparation & Management​

​ZBNF Paddy PoP 3 – Paddy Main field Preparation ​

​ZBNF Paddy PoP 4 – Seedlings Treatment, Clipping & Alleys

ZBNF Paddy PoP 5 – Dravajeevamrutham & Neemastram

ZBNF Paddy PoP 6 – Non-negotiables in Paddy

ZBNF Paddy PoP- 7- Sucking Pest Control With Vaavilaaku Kashayam

ZBNF Paddy PoP- 8 – Stem Borer Control With Agnyastram

ZBNF Paddy PoP- 9 – Blast Control With Maredupatra Kashayam

ZBNF Paddy PoP- 10 – Cow Dung – Cow Urine – Asafoetida Solution for disease control

ZBNF Paddy PoP- 11 – Panchagavya for Crop Growth and Higher as well as Quality Yield

ZBNF Paddy PoP- 12 – Brown Plant Hopper Control with Thootikaada Kashayam


2 Replies to “ZBNF Package of practices – Paddy”

  1. Dear sir ‘

    First of all thanks to AP govt. and the people who are managing the web page. Amazing information and motivation for millions.

    This is great help for people in AP.

    I request you make it in English or Hindi also.
    Also, pictorial (with diagram) format in PDF. so that we can download and print the paper to spread awareness among farmers.

  2. We started doing ZBNF paddy farming after hearing about it from our fellow farmers, but dont really know all the detail step-by-steps of the cultivation process. I was googling few days back and stumbled on this link and felt like WOW, so happy to get all the info i need. A very well organised clean website with no crap or broken links. Every video is well organised and broken into easy to understand small videos. A big thanks to every one with this organisation. To be frank, i was very surprised to see a government website this well maintained and organised. Kudos to every one on this team.

    Please keep me informed of any updates/events on ZBNF i will be very interested to know.

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