Articles and You tube links on CMSA

These are few articles and press releases related to Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture – a programme that was primer to ZBNF implemented by Government of AP. While these articles talk about CMSA, it is pertinent to note that Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) programme is more rigorous. The articles given here are for reference purposes.

Software Professionals turning to Natural Farming: ETV News

Software Farmers

Nearly 300 professionals from various backgrounds including software and IT have registered for the mega training programme by Padmasree Shri Subhash Palekar ji being organized by Government of Andhra Pradesh. Nearly 8000 farmers attended this training. Software professionals attending the programme was unique. ETV News produced a short video report on this news recently. Watch …

HMTV Exclusive Interview with Mr Vijay Kumar, Advisor to Govt of AP

HMTV interview with Mr Vijay Kumar on Natural Farming

Transcript (in English) of the interview with Mr Vijay Kumar garu, Advisor to Government of AP, telecasted on HMTV Agri in the programme – Nela Thalli Karyakramam (Complete video in Telugu is available at the end of this transcript.: hmtv AGRI (Interviewer): Although Green Revolution (haritha viplavam in Telugu) might have satiated hunger of Indians …